Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pizza & Marriage

Those two things, my dears, are the reasons why I will never ever be my ideal weight. Pizza is my weakness. I can't say no to it, ever. Even if I had just eaten a ridiculous 5 course meal, if someone offered me pizza right after wards I would totally eat it without thinking twice.

Lets take tonight for example. I ate relatively healthy all day. Coffee for breakfast, turkey sandwich for lunch, and chicken and brown rice for dinner. Pretty impressive huh? ;) Then we watch the show Cake Boss on Netflix. Well, we happen to watch the episode where Buddy has a pizza making contest with his father in law. My husband and I immediately turn to each other and we're both thinking the exact same thing. Hungry Howies. If you don't know what Hungry Howies is it's basically the same thing as Little Caesars ($5 large pizza) except you can get special flavored crusts like garlic, butter, etc. Keep in mind that not even 2 hours have passed since we ate our very healthy, filling chicken dinner.

Well guess what's left of that lovely Hungry Howies pizza he went and picked up? Not a damn thing. The two of us devoured and entire pizza not even two hours after eating dinner. That my friends is one serious addiction.

Now lets talk about Monday. I was so proud of myself. I ate really healthy all day and even worked out in the gym for an hour during my lunch break which is something I have not done in FOREVER. Seriously, I don't remember the last time I was in a gym. I was so excited to start of the new year with a bang and really change my eating habits this year.

Anywho, I'm driving home from work and I call my husband to ask him what he wants for dinner? He suggests shake 'n bake. While I don't mind Shake 'n Bake, it's also not my favorite. So what comes to mind immediately? Pizza. I tell him I want to make a chicken pesto pizza and send him a text message of all the ingredients I need him to go pick up from the grocery store. Well, not only do I eat 3 slices at dinner, I also had 2 more for lunch on Tuesday. And what's today? Wednesday. So 3 out of the 3 days this week I have already eaten pizza.

Someone get me the number for pizzaholics anonymous.

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